James Blunt, London and Irish Rainbows

me-and-james-blunt.jpgI owe James Blunt a thank you. I was already excited to cross the pond on my way to London and Belfast, but my encounter with the singer at the Atlanta airport was a great way to start off the trip. Marco spotted him. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but he was very nice and even held my camera to take this picture. James Blunt happened to be on our same flight to London. He was in first class. His roadies were in the back with the rest of us.

And thankfully I can say that meeting James Blunt was only the beginning of the wonderful experiences from this British adventure. I took nearly 400 photos and these are a few of my favorites.


After two jam-packed days in London we hopped on another plane and headed to Northern Ireland. Within the first few hours of being there I saw a full, bright rainbow crossing the sky. I saw more rainbows in Ireland than I have ever seen in my life. It was beautiful.


One of my favorite days of the trip was a rainy Thursday when my husband took me for a drive up the coast of Northern Ireland. We got drenched, but had so much fun crossing the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and walking along the Giants Causeway. It was amazing.

ireland-causeway.jpg ireland-causeway-2.jpg


After six months of marriage I was finally able to see where my husband grew up, meet his relatives, and get to know his family better. Before this trip I had only spent a few hours with his sisters and their husbands. It was an amazing time and I feel like I know Tim even better now that I’ve seen the beautiful country he came from.




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2 responses to “James Blunt, London and Irish Rainbows

  1. wow!!looking at your photos make me wanna go to london..fyi, i went to london for my last winter holiday on the ‘boxing day’.. i really love the city..i’ll visit london again..*must-do..=)
    i hope that i’ll get a chance to visit belfast someday..
    *u shld go on boxing day too..ppl gone crazy!!especially along the oxford street..oooh,i just love london..lol..

  2. Hi , This is really good . I like his song “goodbye my lover:

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