Adios, Au Revoir, So Long!

We are packing our bags, boarding a plane, and heading off to Tim’s mother land. Tomorrow we embark on or European journey. First stop: London where we’ll spend two nights at the Shaftsbury Kensington (best hotel name ever!) and hopefully get a glimpse of the Queen Mum. Tim booked us a table at The Ivy which is a celebrity hot spot. I’m pretty excited about that. Maybe I’ll see Posh and David Beckham.

Saturday we hop on a flight to Belfast where we’ll spend more than a week chasing lambs through the green fields of Ireland and other fun stuff. On a side note, I went to the bank to pick up our GBP (Great British Pounds) yesterday and the teller asked where I was headed. “London and Belfast,” I told her. “I’ve never heard of that,” she replied. Now, I’m hoping, praying in fact, that she wasn’t talking about London. But even so, Belfast? It’s not a tiny city. But in case there are others out there who don’t know much about Ireland, Belfast is in the Northern part. It’s where the Titanic was built. They like potatoes there.

I probably won’t be posting much while I’m gone (if at all) so until our return, cheers!


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