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A Seeing-Impaired Min Pin: Heartbreaking and a Little Bit Funny

p2201191.jpgThe vet warned me this could happen. After my 11-year-old Min Pin Bruno was diagnosed with diabetes back in September, we were told that cataracts would be a likely side effect. But I didn’t know it would come so quickly. After we returned from Ireland I started noticing odd things. Bruno wouldn’t always look right at me and he was bumping into furniture. This weekend we realized just how bad his vision is becoming.

We took him for a walk and he was completely disoriented. He ran into curbs, got scared of birds that were fifty feet away and nearly ran into a glass door. I really can’t think for very long about the fact that he is elderly in dog terms because then I start thinking about losing him and that makes me cry. He’s my little hairy man and I love him. I have so much compassion for him even though it’s been seven years since I found him darting through traffic back in Iowa. I still think of him as a skinny, scared little dog that needs to be rescued.

Surviving any traumatic event in life requires a sense of humor and that’s how we’ve tried to approach Bruno’s vision loss. I never want to see him hurt himself, but I have to admit, it’s a little funny when he misjudges the distance to the couch and ends up only getting about half his body on it. Then he clings to the couch like a rock climber clinging to a cliff, struggling to hoist the rest of his body onto the cushions.

Yesterday I let him out to the bathroom and after he was done he came charging back to the door as always. But he was running right towards a metal stake in the ground used to tie up my mom’s dog. I wanted to yell out and warn him but I couldn’t do it in time and the poor little man ran right into it. Now he sticks to the property line and won’t cut through the grass. I guess he’ll learn to deal with his new disability and we’ll have to as well.


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Cute, Modern House for Sale!

house-outside-1.jpgThe for sale sign is up. 102 E. Faris Road in the lovely Greenville, SC is now officially on the  market! I thought I would take a minute to list out all of the selling points of our two-bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home:

1. It’s .2 miles from Starbucks. You can walk there without crossing a street.

2. It’s also .2 miles from Walgreens, a dry-cleaners, Moe’s, Maggie Moo’s Ice-cream, and a fire station.

house-inside-1.jpg3. There are beautiful hardwood floors throughout.

4. With the turn of a knob you can have a beautiful fire in your living room.

5. Visitors are greeted with a slate stone walkway, lined with newly planted bushes and flowers.

6. The updated kitchen comes with all of the stainless steel appliances, a slate back splash and a large pantry.

7. There is a newly tiled bonus room, complete with a laundry area that comes with ahouse-kitchen.jpg one-year-old washer and dryer unit.

8. In the main bathroom, enjoy a soak in the  jacuzzi, while surrounded by the spa-like feel of slate, granite counter-top and earth-tone decor.

9. There is a new 8-foot tall privacy fence surrounding the property which is perfect to keep dogs or kids safe.

10. Keep your car protected from the elements inside the two-car garage.

house-br2.jpgSounds great, right? All this can be yours for only $168,900. I must admit that a part of me will be sad to leave this little house. It’s been a major blessing to me and I only hope it is a blessing for the new owners as well. So tell your friends and call Melissa Holloway at (864)354.3731 for more information.

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I’ve Succumed to Skinny Jeans

skinny-jeans.jpgApparently there is only one store in the world where I can find skinny pants that I actually like. It’s an Urban Outfitters in London and I always snag them on the sale rack. The first time I was in London back in December of 2006 I got a black pair and I must admit I haven’t worn them at that much. But when I returned to this Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago I found a pair of skinny jeans on that same sale rack. I’ve tried to squeeze into pants like this before but I thought they looked horrible on me since I’m slightly vertically challenged and no where near super model thin. But somehow this store must be a bit magical because I found a pair I like. I’m wearing them today. They are quite comfortable and only cost me 5GBP! Even with the scary exchange rate that only equals out to be $10 which made me think that even if I’m never brave enough to wear my skinny jeans that will be ok. But I’m feeling brave.


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James Blunt, London and Irish Rainbows

me-and-james-blunt.jpgI owe James Blunt a thank you. I was already excited to cross the pond on my way to London and Belfast, but my encounter with the singer at the Atlanta airport was a great way to start off the trip. Marco spotted him. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but he was very nice and even held my camera to take this picture. James Blunt happened to be on our same flight to London. He was in first class. His roadies were in the back with the rest of us.

And thankfully I can say that meeting James Blunt was only the beginning of the wonderful experiences from this British adventure. I took nearly 400 photos and these are a few of my favorites.


After two jam-packed days in London we hopped on another plane and headed to Northern Ireland. Within the first few hours of being there I saw a full, bright rainbow crossing the sky. I saw more rainbows in Ireland than I have ever seen in my life. It was beautiful.


One of my favorite days of the trip was a rainy Thursday when my husband took me for a drive up the coast of Northern Ireland. We got drenched, but had so much fun crossing the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and walking along the Giants Causeway. It was amazing.

ireland-causeway.jpg ireland-causeway-2.jpg


After six months of marriage I was finally able to see where my husband grew up, meet his relatives, and get to know his family better. Before this trip I had only spent a few hours with his sisters and their husbands. It was an amazing time and I feel like I know Tim even better now that I’ve seen the beautiful country he came from.



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You Ran a Good Race, Mr. Huckabee

huckabee-2.jpgMike Huckabee is now out of the race for the White House. After losing in Texas, it was no longer a possibility that he could secure enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. He told his end-of-the-road rally Tuesday night, “I’d rather lose an election than lose the principles that got me into politics in the first place.” He ran a good race and I’m sad to see him go, but hopefully he’s not gone for good. Who knows- maybe we’ll be able to call Mr. Huckabee, Mr. Vice President.


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Adios, Au Revoir, So Long!

We are packing our bags, boarding a plane, and heading off to Tim’s mother land. Tomorrow we embark on or European journey. First stop: London where we’ll spend two nights at the Shaftsbury Kensington (best hotel name ever!) and hopefully get a glimpse of the Queen Mum. Tim booked us a table at The Ivy which is a celebrity hot spot. I’m pretty excited about that. Maybe I’ll see Posh and David Beckham.

Saturday we hop on a flight to Belfast where we’ll spend more than a week chasing lambs through the green fields of Ireland and other fun stuff. On a side note, I went to the bank to pick up our GBP (Great British Pounds) yesterday and the teller asked where I was headed. “London and Belfast,” I told her. “I’ve never heard of that,” she replied. Now, I’m hoping, praying in fact, that she wasn’t talking about London. But even so, Belfast? It’s not a tiny city. But in case there are others out there who don’t know much about Ireland, Belfast is in the Northern part. It’s where the Titanic was built. They like potatoes there.

I probably won’t be posting much while I’m gone (if at all) so until our return, cheers!

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Six Months of Wedded Bliss

copy-2-of-img_7325.jpgSix months ago today we said “I do,” posed for pictures and celebrated our marriage. Neither of us really knew what to expect during our first months of marriage, but I can say it has surpassed our hopes and predictions. Every day Tim and I serve each other in different ways. We show our love through actions, not just words and that’s why we have grown so close. The past six months have been filled with fun, joy and love. Six months ago today we started this life-long journey and so far the trip’s been pretty great.

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