The Mysterious $1,004.43

I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to tracking my money. I know where it’s coming from and I know where it’s going. So when $1,004.43 showed up in my account Wednesday I noticed right away. My online statement showed that it came from a wire transfer. But we weren’t expecting a wire transfer. Did someone mistakenly put it in our account, we wondered? Is this a gift from God? We decided to wait a day and see what happened. So we waited. And nothing happened. The money was still there.

I admit, there was a teeny tiny part of me that wondered if we could just keep it. But in the end I decided to call Bank of America to inquire about this windfall. The local branch told me to call a national customer care number. The national customer care number forced me to listen to some mind-numbing instrumental music while they got to the bottom of this mystery money. Turns out, someone hit a wrong button.

We are heading to the UK in a few days and an attempt to exchange some dollars for GBP actually was entered into the system in reverse, so it appeared that we had given the bank GBP in exchange for dollars. “This has never happened before,” explained our local teller. It made me wonder, is it really that easy to move money around? Just a couple clicks of a mouse and someone becomes $1,004.43 richer? But with a push of a button the money left our account. I was a little sad to see it go, but I’m sure we’ll get rewarded down the road for doing the right thing.


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