Red Carpet Memories

cameron_diaz.jpg Hollywood rolled out the red carpet this week for the 80th annual Academy Awards and it brought back memories of my trip to the Kodak Theater.  Four years ago today I was a bleacher creature, one of the 300 chosen to fill fan seats along the red carpet.  My sister, a friend and I waited on our hard, metal seats for eight hours, watching workers roll out the red carpet, polish the golden statues and prepare for the stars’ arrival.  My Oscar experience was filled with highlights- having Wolfgang Puck himself toss me a mini-golden statue made of chocolate and powdered in 14K gold dust, getting autographs from Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, and then there was that moment I was lost in the crystal blue eyes of Elijah Wood. (This was way before Tim arrived in my life.)Not only did I get to stand on the red carpet, but I got to take a piece of it home. Few people probably own a piece of the red rug. (Although I did try to sell half of my chunk on Ebay and didn’t get a single bid.)  


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