The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Forget the expensive (and crowded) restaurant.  Don’t bother with the overpriced (and cliche) red roses.  And chocolates?  Only if they’re made in Europe. This is our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and as I wrote in the card I hid in my husband’s cereal box this morning, it feels a little silly celebrating a day devoted to romance and love because I feel romance and love every day.  Here are five ways we’re celebrating.

1.  He’s making dinner.  I’m making dessert.  The menu is a surprise.  Although I think he’s making me something Irish since that’s where he grew up. I’m making something AWESOME (and easy) that I know he will love.  I’ll have to write about it later since he may be reading this today.

2. We’re exchanging small gifts.  His cost $3.99 and I know he’ll love it.  We didn’t want to spend much since three weeks from today we’re off to the UK.

3. There will be a hot, candlelit bubble bath.  Our tub is small and I don’t mind.

4. I’m hoping for a foot rub.  Don’t be too jealous, but I get one almost every night.

5. After a romantic dinner, a bubble bath and foot rub I’m sure you know what comes next.  And that’s why I’m so excited to celebrate my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman!


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