Expired Cream Cheese and Farting Babies

After church the husband and I decided to stop at Panera Bread for a little snack.  I got a muffie (stupid name for a muffin top) and Tim got a bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese.  Just as Tim polished off his last bite I noticed the expiration date on his cream cheese.  The container read 1/22/08.  Today is the tenth of February.  We’re not talking a day or two.  That’s 20 days.  Almost three weeks.  Eww.  I took the nearly empty container up to the cash register so that no one else would receive the extremely old cream cheese.  When I showed the worker what my husband had just consumed she quickly got the manager who quickly refunded our money.  I told Tim that if ended up getting sick and I ended up having to smell anything nasty related to him digesting 20-day old cream cheese I would be writing a letter to Panera corporate.  I still might do it just to see what they say.  Then, a few hours later we went to church at four for a new member meeting.  It was a semi-circle of adults, mostly couples, listening to the pastor talk about church beliefs and doctrine.  The young couple next to us had brought their newborn baby and at a particularly solemn moment the baby let one rip.  Being the immature, childless couple we are, we totally got the giggles.  There was something about that little baby letting out a huge fart that was completely hilarious to us.  Plus it reminded me of the ancient cream cheese Tim had eaten earlier in the day.  And of course when you’re in a situation where you can’t laugh, that just makes you want to laugh even more.  Thankfully the day is almost over and we’ve seen no signs of damage from the rank cream cheese and we are free to laugh as loud as we want.        



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3 responses to “Expired Cream Cheese and Farting Babies

  1. lawalker

    umm… that’s crazy about your cream cheese because that exact same thing happened to me at panera in spartanburg around a year ago. i was so mad, i haven’t gotten cream cheese from them since. i’ll co-sign your letter if you need someone to have yo back. ha.

  2. Lisa

    I see a trend. We got bagels from Panera Bread today at work. I noticed the expiration day on the cream cheese after I ate some. 2/04/08. Today is 2/22/08.
    So far I feel fine. I hope I do as well as your husband.
    It tasted fine but still…. I’ve been googling expired cream cheese for an hour now.

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