Super Tuesday: Good Luck Huck

huckabee-2.jpgTomorrow’s a big day in the race for the White House. A big day. By Wednesday morning we will likely know who our front-runners are. Despite the media placing much of the attention on the Democratic race and despite the media’s attempt to narrow the Republican race down to just two candidates, I am still supporting Mike Huckabee. Here’s a letter he e-mailed out to supporters today:

Heart. Commitment. Gutsy. The New York Giants exemplified these qualities this evening in what is being widely hailed as one of the greatest Super Bowl games in history and a titanic upset of the heavily favored New England Patriots.

For many long months against overwhelming odds, we have been working our way towards the White House in a similar fashion.

Our run has been long and difficult at times. Improbable. Yet here we are, still running strong together, heads held high, eyes forward into Super Tuesday. The media and our rivals want to make Tuesday the finish line for our campaign.

But if the media really understood our campaign and the issues we are fighting for: the Human Life Amendment, real border security, the FairTax and so much more, they would understand that we are here to stay.

America will see a second upset this week.

So if anyone in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama or Georgia is reading this- VOTE FOR HUCKABEE!! Check out his website. Read what he stands for. And create an upset at the polls on Super Tuesday.


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