The House Hunt

Tim and I weren’t thinking about moving.  We had no plans to leave our little home.  After all, it is only .2 miles from Starbucks.  But then one day about a month ago I saw a cute house for sale up the street.  We went and looked at it.  And then we looked at it again.  And again a third time.  The house had bright blue cabinets and only one bathroom, but for some reason we both liked it.  A lot.  So we got a real estate agent and a termite check.  But we just found out that the little house we had been so excited about received two offers last weekend.  Neither were from us.  It came as kind of a surprise since it’s been on the market for four months without much interest or any offers.  But we knew it just wasn’t meant to be.  We’ve looked at bunches of other houses and condos in Greenville.  We really haven’t seen any we like.  Today we drove by one we thought was sort of cute in an ugly sort of way.  But then we realized that our neighbor across the street would be a funeral home.  “No one wants to be reminded of death that often,” my husband said.  I agree.  I’d rather walk to Starbucks than live across the street from a funeral home.  So the house hunt continues. 


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