Soap Mission

soapyhands.jpgI first heard about HydroMissions last year. A Mauldin couple runs the organization out of their home. Their mission is to teach people in third world countries how to build wells, giving them access to clean water. Using a set of encyclopedias from the 1800’s, the couple draws inspiration from outdated technology to design wells made inexpensively from parts easily found in third world countries- like bicycles.

They fund the mission by selling soap they manufacture in their garage. I bought some to give as gifts this Christmas and it is amazing. It’s just $4 a bar and you can find it at stores like Whole Foods and Ten Thousand Villages.

When I was in Ten Thousand Villages buying some soap just before Christmas I ran into my friend Myra. She’s a reporter at Channel 4. I quickly told her about the soap and HydroMissions and told her she had to do a story on it. I had pitched the idea to my producers months before when I worked at Channel 7, but they weren’t interested. I just found out that Myra pitched the idea and was able to do the story. You can watch it on Channel 4’s website. Just type in “soap” in the search tab under videos and it will come up. She did a great job getting the word out about this amazing couple and their soap mission.


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