Two Inches of Snow and the World Halts

For the second time since I moved to South Carolina three years ago it snowed.  And I’ve come to realize something.  Two inches of snow in the south equals two feet in the Midwest.  For a measly two inches of snow school was cancelled, businesses shut down and life pretty much came to a stop.  Even the milk and bread disappeared from the grocery stores.  I don’t get it and I probably never will. That’s what happens when you grow up in Iowa.  It wasn’t uncommon for my community to remain covered under a blanket of white from October to March.

I will say, the snow was pretty.  I snapped a few shots since it’s so rare to see here.


That’s the fence that runs along the edge of our property.


This is the Huckabee sign I put in our front yard.

Growing up in Ireland, Tim didn’t experience snow much.  And when his family came to the US they always went to Florida.  In fact, just last month when we were in Washington he went sledding for the first time.  He was like a little kid, giddy with the excitement of the arrival of snow.  He even took his snowboard downtown to Falls Park to do a couple of runs with our friend Mike.  I stayed on the couch and kept warm by the fire.

I went to work like  normal this morning, but most people did not.  The roads were empty.  And I was the only one at my office when I got there.  So I took some time to take a few pictures of the beautiful ice covered branches, and contemplate why slushy roads and a dusting of snow is enough to halt the world.




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