Common Obsession: Rob and Big

I’m learning that one of the keys to a successful marriage are common interests.  For instance, my husband and I both detest watching football on TV, we are passionate about coffee and we love talking with silly accents.  Of course we have our differences: music, (I like country, he likes techno) nail care (he clips his over the toilet, I let mine fly through the living room) and Bruno (I’d let the pup sleep with me, Tim won’t let the little man near our bed.)

We have found another common interest that knits our hearts even closer: Rob and Big.

If you haven’t seen it- watch.  It’s an MTV reality show featuring a middle-aged famous skate boarder that dresses like a 14-year-old and spends his money on frivolous things like spider web guns and producing amateur music videos.  Rob’s bodyguard, Big, is his hilarious sidekick.  Tim and I agree- Big has the best job in the world.  He just gets paid to hang out with Rob and “protect” him, but we have yet to see Big needed for any type of protection.

We watched the season premier a couple of nights ago and laughed our heads off as Rob and Big tried to solve the mystery of who pooed in the swimming pool.  Sounds silly and dumb and I guess it is, but it’s also really funny.  We also can’t get “Do You Know” by Enrique Iglesias out of our heads.  (Watch the show and you’ll understand.)

I still think my favorite episode was when Rob decided to buy a shetland pony and name it “Mini Horse.”  He built a coral in his living room using expensive, white furniture.  Then Rob got mad at his cousin for not helping him sweep up “dusty poo” from the living room carpet.  Good stuff.

So if you’re looking for a common interest to share- check out Rob and Big.  It may just give both of you something to laugh at.


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One response to “Common Obsession: Rob and Big

  1. mslistologist

    Great story and I Love that show! I go to meet Rob & Big in Vegas! So cool!

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