Huckabee’s Greenville Stop

Iowa is so last week.  South Carolina is where it’s at for the presidential hopefuls.  Tim and I really like Mike Huckabee and even though my husband can’t vote (he’s not a US citizen) he joined me at a Mike Huckabee rally tonight at Furman University.  I did entice him with the fact that Chuck Norris may be there. (He wasn’t.)  But it still turned out to be a good time.


That’s me and Michelle by Mike’s bus.  Marco says he saw Mike’s wife hanging out inside.


The crowd was enormous.  The room was packed and to be honest I couldn’t see Mike at all during his speech.  But afterwards I pushed my way through the crowd to snap a few shots.



I went home with a Huckabee yard sign and for the first time in my life I used my lawn to advertise for a politician.  I’ve always been in the media and backing a candidate wouldn’t have been appropriate then.  But now I’m free to stick as many signs in my yard as I want.  And that feels good.


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