Four Months

Yesterday marked our four monthi-versary.  Wow.  It’s gone so fast and been so fun.  We marked the occasion by watching the wedding video that our friend Melly put together for us.  It was awesome to be able to relive the day it all started.  We listened to part of the sermon that Chad Norris gave at our wedding.  He told Tim that in a few weeks he would be shocked to realize that I don’t see life the same way as he sees it.  I asked him if that ever happened.  He said yes, Chad had been right.  Tim didn’t say at what moment he discovered that we were two very different people, but I have a feeling it was when he first saw me filing my nails on the sofa.


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One response to “Four Months

  1. Tim

    I love YOU!

    Yes it has been four awesome months and we are two different people but I wouldn’t change one thing about you even the nail filing on the couch.haha 🙂

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