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The House Hunt

Tim and I weren’t thinking about moving.  We had no plans to leave our little home.  After all, it is only .2 miles from Starbucks.  But then one day about a month ago I saw a cute house for sale up the street.  We went and looked at it.  And then we looked at it again.  And again a third time.  The house had bright blue cabinets and only one bathroom, but for some reason we both liked it.  A lot.  So we got a real estate agent and a termite check.  But we just found out that the little house we had been so excited about received two offers last weekend.  Neither were from us.  It came as kind of a surprise since it’s been on the market for four months without much interest or any offers.  But we knew it just wasn’t meant to be.  We’ve looked at bunches of other houses and condos in Greenville.  We really haven’t seen any we like.  Today we drove by one we thought was sort of cute in an ugly sort of way.  But then we realized that our neighbor across the street would be a funeral home.  “No one wants to be reminded of death that often,” my husband said.  I agree.  I’d rather walk to Starbucks than live across the street from a funeral home.  So the house hunt continues. 


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Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like Yogurt

publix_yogurt.jpgIn my rush to get to work a little early today I put the yogurt I planned to eat for breakfast in my husband’s lunch bag. He could have eaten it. But he didn’t. He drove out of his way to bring it to me at my office. Did he have to? No. But he did and it just reminds me of how special he is and how blessed I am. That little 8 oz. tub of yogurt tastes like love to me.

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The Lowry’s Have Upgraded

Let me take you back to February 2001. I had just graduated from college and had yet to find a full-time reporting gig. I figured since I was jobless I may as well do something interesting with my time. So I entered a contest to win a Pontiac Aztec. In order to come out the champion I had to live in that Pontiac Aztec for seven days straight. We got out for a few minutes each hour to run to the bathroom or do media interviews, but other than that it was a whole lot of sitting. The final winner came down to a vote of the community and unfortunately my competitor had a super nice boss that purchased 700 Sioux City Journals just to cut out the ballets and sway the vote. So I came in second. I didn’t win the car. I won this:

old-tv.jpg So rather than drive home a new car, I carried home my 26 inch tube TV. I’ve been using it ever since. It moved from Iowa to Florida and then to South Carolina bringing me countless hours of Desperate Housewives, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and local news. Well today Tim and I upgraded.

We’ve been looking for a new TV for quite a while. We went to Target today to get new bed pillows (that’s a whole other story!) and ended up meandering through the electronics department. We found a 37 inch Magnavox on sale for $648. That’s $250 off the regular price. But on top of that we decided to apply for the Target credit card to get the extra 10% discount. We also had $125 in Christmas gift cards we wanted to use towards the purchase.

But when the cashier rang up the TV and I applied for the card it went directly on the card and completed the sale without letting us use the gift cards. We had to take our new purchase to customer service where we told them we would rather just return the TV, buy it back and use the gift cards instead of the 10% off. (does this sound complicated?) Anyway, long story short we returned the TV, bought it back, ended up with a $0 balance on the new credit card but still got to use the 10% off PLUS our gift cards. So the grand total came to $493.16 with tax! Yes, we got an $899TV for nearly half the price!

tv-new.jpgAlthough the new TV wasn’t free like the last one, it did take a lot less time to get it home. And nothing makes me feel more like a winner than snagging a good deal.

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My website has arrived!  After a few minutes on the phone with GoDaddy tech support I was finally able to link up my website to  I’m excited because I think this will be a much easier way for me to show off my work to perspective employers.  I also plan to use the site to write about what jobs I’m currently working on.  I designed the site myself last month using one of the computer’s at my husband’s company.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m still working on a few glitches which I’m sure you will see!  But please visit it and let me know what you think!

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Soap Mission

soapyhands.jpgI first heard about HydroMissions last year. A Mauldin couple runs the organization out of their home. Their mission is to teach people in third world countries how to build wells, giving them access to clean water. Using a set of encyclopedias from the 1800’s, the couple draws inspiration from outdated technology to design wells made inexpensively from parts easily found in third world countries- like bicycles.

They fund the mission by selling soap they manufacture in their garage. I bought some to give as gifts this Christmas and it is amazing. It’s just $4 a bar and you can find it at stores like Whole Foods and Ten Thousand Villages.

When I was in Ten Thousand Villages buying some soap just before Christmas I ran into my friend Myra. She’s a reporter at Channel 4. I quickly told her about the soap and HydroMissions and told her she had to do a story on it. I had pitched the idea to my producers months before when I worked at Channel 7, but they weren’t interested. I just found out that Myra pitched the idea and was able to do the story. You can watch it on Channel 4’s website. Just type in “soap” in the search tab under videos and it will come up. She did a great job getting the word out about this amazing couple and their soap mission.

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Rainy Saturday: Voting and Girlie Movies

It’s a rainy Saturday here in South Carolina.  The hubby is snowboarding in North Carolina with a bunch of guys.  I used the morning to vote (Go Mike!), go tanning and work out.  I’m happy to report it seemed like a big turn out at my precinct.  I’m excited to see what happens!

I’m off to meet some girls for lunch and to see the movie 27 Dresses.  I’m really pumped to be going to a girlie movie for the second weekend in a row.  (Last weekend was PS I Love You- SO GOOD!!!)  Although I LOVE being married and I ADORE my husband it is nice to have a relaxed afternoon with the girls on this rainy Saturday.

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The Eve of the South Carolina Primary

A lot of people don’t vote because they think they can’t make a difference.  I’ve never felt that way.  This is how I see voting: because there are so many people in the US that think that their votes don’t matter that just makes mine more powerful.  The fewer the people that vote the more my ballet is worth.  This is my first presidential election in South Carolina.  During the last election I purposefully waited to change my registration so that I could vote absentee in Florida where I felt my vote would be the most powerful.  (Maybe you remember the Bush/Gore election that came down to just a few dozen Florida votes.)

I’m excited and nervous.  Tomorrow is the South Carolina primary.  If you’ve read my past blogs you know who I’m voting for: Huckabee.  At noon today he’ll be speaking at a rally less than a mile from my house.  That’s one of the reason’s the presidential election fires me up.  It’s not something that happens in DC or in big cities or behind closed doors.  It’s in our community.  It’s in our neighborhood.  It’s up the street.

Growing up in Iowa gives you amazing chances to meet the candidates face-to-face.  You can shake their hand and ask them questions.  I remember being 16, too young to vote, but completely enthralled by politics.  My mom took me to a Bob Dole rally.  I got my picture taken with him (she cut part of Bob’s head off in the photo) and got his autograph on a campaign sign.  I even signed up to volunteer for his campaign.  They gave me a phone and a list of Republicans to call.  Although that phone bank experience was mild torture I truly felt a part of something bigger.  And I guess that’s how I feel when I vote.

I once went to hear Gloria Steinem speak and something she said will always stick with me.   “Voting is not the most you can do.  But it is the least.”  But hey, if you want to believe that your vote doesn’t matter that’s fine.  It just means that mine matters more.

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