The $500 Meal

On our last night together in Seattle my sister planned a special evening.  Our only warning was that the guys had to wear a jacket.  I’ve been to some nice restaurants in my life, but dress codes seem increasingly rare.  Just before heading for downtown we learned we would be dining at Canlis- one of Seattle’s top restaurants.  We’re talking mandatory valet, $3000 bottles of wine and gift cards wrapped in calf skin envelopes. 

The neat thing about the night was that it was free.  My sister received a $500 gift card as a Christmas present from her boss. (Nice, huh?)  A $500 gift card to PF Chang’s would get you a free meal every month for a year, but at Canlis you can burn it in one night.  And we did.  We started with a Pheasant tart, continued with a Waldorf salad, and the pinnacle was the Muscovy duck breast.  We finished off splitting an array of desserts including creme brulee and chocolate lava cake.  It definitely ranks near the top of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

 Our bill came to $423 so with the tip we maxed out the gift card, leaving with untouched wallets, full stomachs and the tasty memory or our $500 meal. 


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