Missing Christmas Presents

We spent our first Christmas together with my family in Seattle.  Overall the trip has been a sugar-coated good time, but it started a little rough.  Our bags didn’t make it to Seattle.  Tim and I found this odd since we sat on our plane in Minneapolis for a good two hours which seems like plenty of time to get a few bags on board.  But somehow we ended up in Seattle and they didn’t. 

 My bag and Tim’s snowboard were the first to arrive.  They showed up on Christmas Eve which was good because most of the Christmas presents were stuffed in my suitcase.  But, my presents were in Tim’s bag.  Tim was relieved though because he had one of my presents sent directly to Seattle, so he knew that one would be under the tree.  But when we handed out presents it was no where to be found.  Somehow after the UPS man delivered it- it disappeared. 

It just reminded me that the presents don’t really matter anyway.  Christmas is about your family and your friends and those that you love.  And that’s what surrounded me.  But there was a little Christmas miracle… Tim’s bag arrived on the morning of the 25th.  And I unwrapped my new set of Dominoes. Just what I wanted. 

But one of my presents is still missing.  Hmm.


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