As I Give, I Get

Today I experienced true Christmas spirit.  For the second year in a row my friends and I “adopted” the residents of Reedy Place.  It’s an amazing facility that gives chronically homeless people a chance to change their lives.  Reedy Place is essentially an apartment building where 15 people who have been through major lows, work their way back up into society.  Many are disabled, recovering addicts, or ex-convicts.   We ask the residents to make out a wish list, which usually contains things like coats, cleaning supplies, or a bed pillow- gifts you and I would find far too practical to get excited about.

We loaded up car fulls of presents and brought them over to Reedy Place.  This year we  had the pleasure of watching the residents open the gifts.  And it was truly a joy.  They were so excited.  I’ve received some amazing gifts in my life, but I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten as excited as Yvonne did about her CD player or Emma about her cleaning supplies.

Here are a few pictures:


Levone got two new pairs of shoes.


Yvonne gave MG and hug to say thanks.


Glen told us he lives to make people smile.


This is Joshua.  The director of Reedy Place is hoping to adopt him because his mom is on drugs.  He’ll have a special Christmas thanks to two people who chipped in to get Joshua an XBox.


Angela loved her new TV and was even thankful for her pink sweatsuit… even though I don’t think pink was her color. :0)


This is Mr. Massey.  He was wearing the coat we got him last year.  And he had on his new shoes before we left.



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