Welcome to the Club

I got some exciting, unexpected news last night- one of my best friends is getting married! Thier engagement story is sweet. Al proposed to Melly last night at Minerva’s. It’s a restaurant in my hometown of Sioux City Iowa. Minerva’s is special to them because they were supposed to go there on their first date several years ago, but the plans were ruined. So finally, Melly and Al went to Minerva’s for another special occasion- their engagement!

I told Tim, it’s even more exciting to hear of friends getting married because I’ve already been through it. I know the thrill and extreme happiness that comes in that moment and all of the bliss that follows.

The funny thing is, Melly and Al plan to get hitched Labor Day weekend. That will be the fourth Labor Day in a row that I have spent at a wedding. (Including my own!) So in just a few more months another one of my friends will enter The Honeymoon Phase. All I have to say is,Melly and Al, welcome to the club!!


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