American Idol Sent Him Home

He’s got the voice. He’s got the look. And most importantly 27-year-old Justin Davis has an incredible story. I first heard Justin sing at my church a couple of weeks ago and his voice blew me away. I asked a few fellow church members about him and found out that he made it to the top 40 on the last season of American Idol. Surprisingly Simon was behind Justin- it was Randy and Paula that sent him home.

But his brief touch of fame on American Idol is just a small part of Justin’s amazing story. He grew up in a small South Carolina town. His father was a pastor. And Justin’s dream was to travel the world as a famous opera singer. Not only did he get accepted to college, but it was almost fully paid for by a vocal scholarship. Now I don’t know all of the details of how his life took a turn, but Justin started committing crimes. He broke into businesses, did drugs and eventually turned himself in to authorities. He spent years in prison and it was in that cold cell that Justin ran back into the arms of the Lord.

Last night Justin put on a free concert at a local church. I listened to him sing beautiful Christmas songs, but I think the most beautiful thing I heard was his story of salvation. Justin discovered that, despite his unworthiness, the Lord loved him unconditionally. He’s now a youth pastor at my church and although it would have been cool if Justin had climbed to the top, I’m kind of glad American Idol sent him home.



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2 responses to “American Idol Sent Him Home

  1. Alex

    Justin is my new youth pastor at horizon church, and Randy and Paula didn’t kick him off, the executives did, they got mad when justin would talk about his faith, we decided not to stop so the told the judges to boot him. He was so sad when he told us.

  2. Tara

    justin is my newish youth pastor at horizon. his story is apsolutly incredible and if you meet him you wouldnt believe it. he would rather us kids focus on his story and walk with God than his voice, he puts others first, and when you have something going on in your life he will stop what hes doing and listen and talk to you about it. meeting justin and all that he has taught us has turned mine, along with many others, back on the right track to christ… he is by far on the most amazing people i have ever met. 🙂 we love you!!!!!

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