Keeping Up With the Kadishohans

Tim and I were flipping through the channels late last night and landed on E! We couldn’t sleep because our neighbor’s security light seemed unusually bright.  We started watching a show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Have you seen it?


Tim and I watched as the sisters randomly picked up a homeless man and gave him a make-over.  They shaved Shorty’s hair off and paid for his dentures.  Then they dropped him off at a homeless shelter.  Shorty cried.  We were glued.  Not that the show was all that entertaining, but there was a question burning in our minds… who the heck are the Kardeesheewans?  And why do they have their own show?  Tim asked the question over and over.  I couldn’t answer it.

After a quick Google search I’ve learned that the Kardonashans are the daughters of a powerful LA attorney.  Not only that, but the oldest sister, Kim, boinked some R&B singer and the tape was leeked.  Does that answer your question, baby?



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3 responses to “Keeping Up With the Kadishohans

  1. Tim

    Now it all makes perfect sense…. Thank you.

    Love you 🙂

  2. James

    That is great! Now I can keep up with you and Tim…. And use some of your secrets on Emily…

  3. Joel

    good to hear you are pursuing your passion! happy for you two!! oh…and yes…kim kardashian is a semi-quase paris socialite who as you put it “boinked” a celeb and taped it all for the world to see. haha!!

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