The Difference Between Men & Women

We’ve been in the honeymoon phase for nearly three months now. Hard to believe Sunday marks our three monthiversary. So after twelve weeks living with my new housemate I’ve noticed a big difference between men and women in the bathroom.  I’m talking tooth brushes. I know it may sound silly, but we both got new brushes on the same day. Now a few weeks later here they are. I’ll let you guess which one is Tim’s and which one is mine:

If you guessed that Tim’s was the one that looks like it’s been used to scrub floors for five years or get grime out of grout- YOU WIN!  Here’s a close up look :


And just in case you aren’t convinced that this is a little odd… here’s a look at mine:


Granted, Tim is the 5-times-a-day brusher type, but after seeing his poor tooth brush I’m surprised he doesn’t have bloody gums.  I’m sure I’ll find more differences between men and women, but afterall we have just entered the honeymoon phase.


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  1. That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing

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