The Big Apple

Thanksgiving morning we loaded up and headed out, bound for the big city. This was our first major holiday as a married couple and we decided to throw all tradition out the window.
We stopped along the way in DC and had turkey dinner at Denny’s. (Mom’s is better, although the picture of the cranberry blob probably shows that.)
We got to the city Thursday night and started our shopping spree Friday. I discovered my new love, Century 21. It was packed with Black Friday shoppers, but oh so fun. I got cute jeans for $20 and a sweater for $24.
We traveled with our lovely friends JJ and Alanna. Alanna lead us through the underground world of knock-0ff hand bags on Canal Street. We joined JJ on his first ever taxi cab ride. And while standing on 5th Avenue in front of the library with the big lion statues, we saw a familiar face from Greenville. Chris, a guy who lives near us and frequents the same Starbucks recognized Tim and I. Funny thing was, Chris came up to us at an embarassing moment when Tim was trying to warm my nose with his mouth. (It was cold!)
We hit a total of 5 H&M’s in Manhattan and 7 Starbucks (although a few of those were just for bathroom breaks). We made our way to Central Park for a carriage ride which I have always wanted to do. We peered into elaborately decorated holiday windows at Macy’s and crossed some Christmas shopping off our list. It was a lovely stay in the city. Especially since it was the first time I was sharing it with my husband.


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  1. Mom

    You will never have to worry about being served cranberry anything at your home away from home in Sioux City. It is NEVER served.

    What did you get me for Christmas?

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