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Read My Writing

Since we returned from the honeymoon I’ve been trying to make it as a freelance writer. I spent six years as a television reporter and decided I’d chased the news long enough. Every day I pitch ideas, submit my resume and try to get work as a writer. One place I found it was Here are a few of the small articles I wrote:

How to site-see in Downtown Greenville

How to Tell if Your Dog is Diabetic

How to Make a Wedding Candy Buffet Table

How to Start a Traveling Journal

Did you learn anything?


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What Makes You Laugh?

I happened to find this YouTube video and I had to share it. It’s a little over three minutes long, no naughty words, and so cute! It reminded me of my husband because he can scream like the yellow guy does in the beginning and the ending… well let’s just say that’s something that makes us laugh all the time. 🙂

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The Difference Between Men & Women

We’ve been in the honeymoon phase for nearly three months now. Hard to believe Sunday marks our three monthiversary. So after twelve weeks living with my new housemate I’ve noticed a big difference between men and women in the bathroom.  I’m talking tooth brushes. I know it may sound silly, but we both got new brushes on the same day. Now a few weeks later here they are. I’ll let you guess which one is Tim’s and which one is mine:

If you guessed that Tim’s was the one that looks like it’s been used to scrub floors for five years or get grime out of grout- YOU WIN!  Here’s a close up look :


And just in case you aren’t convinced that this is a little odd… here’s a look at mine:


Granted, Tim is the 5-times-a-day brusher type, but after seeing his poor tooth brush I’m surprised he doesn’t have bloody gums.  I’m sure I’ll find more differences between men and women, but afterall we have just entered the honeymoon phase.

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The Big Apple

Thanksgiving morning we loaded up and headed out, bound for the big city. This was our first major holiday as a married couple and we decided to throw all tradition out the window.
We stopped along the way in DC and had turkey dinner at Denny’s. (Mom’s is better, although the picture of the cranberry blob probably shows that.)
We got to the city Thursday night and started our shopping spree Friday. I discovered my new love, Century 21. It was packed with Black Friday shoppers, but oh so fun. I got cute jeans for $20 and a sweater for $24.
We traveled with our lovely friends JJ and Alanna. Alanna lead us through the underground world of knock-0ff hand bags on Canal Street. We joined JJ on his first ever taxi cab ride. And while standing on 5th Avenue in front of the library with the big lion statues, we saw a familiar face from Greenville. Chris, a guy who lives near us and frequents the same Starbucks recognized Tim and I. Funny thing was, Chris came up to us at an embarassing moment when Tim was trying to warm my nose with his mouth. (It was cold!)
We hit a total of 5 H&M’s in Manhattan and 7 Starbucks (although a few of those were just for bathroom breaks). We made our way to Central Park for a carriage ride which I have always wanted to do. We peered into elaborately decorated holiday windows at Macy’s and crossed some Christmas shopping off our list. It was a lovely stay in the city. Especially since it was the first time I was sharing it with my husband.

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Home Again Home Again

We are back in Greenville- a little poorer and a little better dressed. New York City was a blast. I’ll post pictures tonight. I bought some Christmas presents, but mostly bought stuff for myself. We hit up H&M, Century 21, and dozens of other stores. Crowds were a little crazy, but the Christmas spirit was everywhere. I heard more Christmas music this weekend than I have in the past three years combined. But it really got me in a festive mood.

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Anticipating Joy is Joy Itself

WE’RE GOING TO NEW YORK!!! I’m just a little pumped.  I haven’t been to the Big Apple in about a year and a half and I’ve never been there with my husband.  We are setting off on our road trip early Thanksgiving morning.  We figured since our families are so far away and we have a long weekend off, why not embark on an adventure.

Two friends plan to join us- Alanna and JJ.  JJ’s never been to New York, never ridden in a taxi cab, never experienced anything like he is about to see.  I think I’m almost more excited to see his reaction than I am to see the sites of the big city.

It’s always fun to have something to look forward to: a yummy lunch, your wedding, taking a trip.  I’ve been enjoying the anticipation of this trip because I know no matter what it will be an adventure- especially joining JJ for his first taxi ride.

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Coupon Obsessed

I have a problem. I admit it. I’m addicted to coupons. I love paying as little as possible for as much as possible. My husband fuels the fire. He feels the excitement of a good deal just as much as me. And that’s pretty incredible when you think about his affinity towards $250 Diesel jeans and $75 Modern Amusement t-shirts. A quick tally of the value of his closet equaled my first two years of tuition at Iowa State. But that was all before he met me. Somehow I’ve been able to pass on my love of bargains.

Hereis a quick rundown of the coupons we’ve cashed in this week alone:

1. Yesterday I brought a coupon in to our local Aveda store for a free sample of body wash.

2. Today we used a coupon to get a free sandwich at the new Bruegger’s Bagel Shop down the street from where we live.

3. This morning we got coffee at Starbucks and used a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon we clipped out of a local paper. (We still have quite a few more we clipped out!)

4. I got a free pumpkin pie from Earth Fare. ($6.99 value!)

5. I saved 10% on my purchase at Home Depot with a coupon I got in the mail.

6. Curtains I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond were 20% off thanks to another coupon. (I did end up returning them, though.)

7. Tonight we were going to go get ice cream at Maggie Moo’s using a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon I got by signing up for their mailing list.

And although we didn’t really use a coupon we did get a great deal on tickets to Europe. We’re flying into London in March where we got TWO FREE NIGHTS at a sweet hotel. The normal price would have been $440. Plus the plane tickets were a bargain as well- $460 round trip for a direct flight from Atlanta to London.

AND I might add… we are heading to New York City for Thanksgiving weekend where we will have one free night at a Hampton Inn. The hotel double charged us by mistake for some rooms we booked during the wedding. They were nice enough to compensate us for their mistake by giving us a free night anywhere so we picked NYC!

Who knows… if it weren’t for coupons we may not be able to afford all of these fun trips!

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